Organised Play Leaderboards

13th Age Alliance

Leaderboard for the 13th Age Alliance, the official organised play programme.

This leaderboard keeps track of details such as player characters' achievements, levels, and magic items.

The narrative is currently at Season 1 Episode 2: Wyrd of the Wild Wood.


DUST 1947 League

Leaderboard for the DUST 1947 League at Swords & Stationery.

This leaderboard keeps track of details such as player names and scores.

DUST 1947 Monsoon League — Codename: ESCALATION is currently not in progress.

No Active Mutators


"Leaderboards? Say what?"

Carve your legacy

Leave your mark for all to see on our Leaderboards, be it League points from DUST 1947, or character achievements from our 13th Age Organised Play programme. Your legacy will never fade into obscurity after a month or two.

Level up

Track your progress and improve your game over time. With the permanence of your achievements on our Leaderboards, you'll always have a snapshot of how well you've been doing.

Wage war, make friends

We strongly believe in the social element of tabletop gaming. As Sun Tzu once said, "Come for games, leave with buddies."

(Ok he didn't really say that...)

Be a winner

Stand a chance to win attractive prizes, whether you're a top player or the most helpful to newcomers. At Swords & Stationery, everyone's a winner.

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