[⚔Swords⚔] Getting players to be personally invested in the game

About a year ago (has it really been that long?!), I brought up the empowerment effects that RPGs can have on learners and their self-esteems. One caveat: empowerment isn’t necessarily assured if there’s no personal investment in the game. Let’s look at what might go wrong, and how we can fix that.

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[✐Stationery✐] Filtering Out Irrelevant Information – Part 2


Source: Wikimedia Commons / chris

In my previous post, I talked about the preliminary steps towards cutting out information bloat — in a nutshell, before one can distill anything useful from the mass of information, one should know the expectations and requirements of the (sub-)topic(s) that he/she is studying for. Failure to do so would make it difficult to identify helpful information, and, by extension, make it more difficult to revise for that subject.

This follow-up to last week’s post is going to examine what the learner needs to do to actually distinguish relevant from irrelevant information.

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[👁RFI👁] Roll For Insight: A Preview of Lagging Dice’s Gatekeepers

Several months ago, I was contacted by Ilya Bossov of Lagging Dice, asking if I’d like to playtest their first and newest game, Gatekeepers. I was intrigued, of course — I’d never been a playtester before. However, I kept putting it off, being a terrible procrastinator by my own guilty admission. It was only today that I finally finished reading the rules and gave it a test drive, solo, without a group.

If you want the condensed version of my thoughts, the game is unique, in a good way, being that it uses card-based mechanics (not poker cards, but rather special cards designed by Lagging Dice themselves). Want the longer version? Read on!

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[⚔Swords & Stationery✐] Introducing New Players To RPGs (General Audience) – Part 1


Source: Clipartfest.com

Despite their popularity in the 80s, RPGs continue to be a hobby that isn’t quite as popular as video gaming or even board gaming. Today’s post is going to be the first of two parts, where I discuss tips on making new players feel welcome. This advice is of course going to be primarily aimed at Game Masters, but it can be helpful too if you’re a player welcoming another. It’s also the first post that’s tagged with both ‘Swords’ and ‘Stationery’ — while Part 1 is aimed at advice for general audiences, Part 2 will focus on youths and students.

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