Worksheet: Vowel Hunting

Vowel Hunting Worksheet

Vowel sounds can be tricky for students with weak literacy abilities. This fun, introductory worksheet is for students who are still learning to tell apart the basic short vowel sounds.

There are two segments:

  1. The first requires students to insert the correct vowel into each word so that it spells out its matching picture.
  2. The second requires students to insert a word that rhymes with each provided picture.

You’ll need to cut out the words and vowels on Page 4. If you like, you can just cut them out in strips, then have your child cut the rest. Your child will also need glue or sticky tape to stick them in the boxes on the first three pages.

DISCLAIMER: I take no credit for the images and fonts (Love-Box and green piloww) used. These belong to their respective authors. If you are the author of a particular image and would like to have it removed, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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