Orton-Gillingham Flash Cards, Level 4: Advanced Rules ‘n’ Phonograms

Flash cards for spelling suffix rules and phonograms

These printable cards are to be used in conjunction with our other Orton-Gillingham flash cards. They contain the following entries:

  • Suffixes ‘-ly’, ‘-y’, ‘-ful’, ‘-less’
  • Consonant-l-e syllables like ‘ble’ and ‘fle’
  • Special consonant-l-e syllables like ‘stle’ and ‘ckle’
  • Consonant-l-e Syllable rule
  • Vowel teams like ‘ai’ and ‘ay’
  • Vowel Team Syllable rule
  • Y-to-i rule for suffixes
  • Reading patterns ‘-tion’ and ‘-sion’

Usage notes:

  • Suffix ‘-ly’ is used to change words into adverbs.
  • Suffix ‘-y’ is used to change words into adjectives.
  • Suffix ‘-ful’ means ‘full of’.
  • Suffix ‘-less’ means ‘lacking’.
  • ‘stle’ and ‘ckle’ are found at the end of a long word, immediately after a short vowel.
  • All vowel teams have special positions (front, middle, and/or back of a word). Use the provided keywords as a guide. The only vowel teams that need further explanation are ‘aw’ and ‘ow’, as they are typically found at the end of a word or when followed by the letter ‘l’ or ‘n’.
  • ‘-tion’ says /chən/ after the letter ‘s’.
  • ‘-sion’ says /zhən/ after the letter ‘r’ or a vowel.
  • Page 11 contains the answers to Page 10’s rules.
  • You can duplex print Pages 10 and 11 (double-sided).  This provides you with a direct reference to the rule while you’re holding the other side up for your child.

Note: before printing the cards, ensure that you have Scaling turned off in your printer settings. The final printout should be large enough for laminating with A6 pouches.

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