Orton-Gillingham Flash Cards, Level 2: Rules ‘n’ More Phonograms

Flash cards for spelling suffix rules and phonograms

These printable cards are to be used in conjunction with our other Orton-Gillingham flash cards. They contain the following entries, some of which are direct ‘upgrades’ of specific cards from the Level 1 deck:

  • Long and short vowel sounds for ‘a, e, i, o, u’; also includes the part-time vowel sounds for ‘y’
  • Consonant digraphs 1 (‘ch, sh, th, wh’)
  • ‘-ck, -dge, -tch’ reading/spelling patterns
  • Suffixes ‘-s’, ‘-ing’, ‘-er’, ‘-ed’
  • FLOSS spelling rule
  • Doubling (1-1-1) rule for suffixes
  • Open Syllable and Closed Syllable rules

Usage notes:

  • You can replace the Level 1 cards for ‘a, e, i, o, u, y’ with these Level 2 versions once your child has learned the respective long vowel sounds (either from Swords & Stationery or elsewhere).
  • -ck has the sound /k/; -dge has the sound /j/; -tch has the sound /ch/. They can be found at the end of a short word immediately after a short vowel.
  • Suffix -ed has the sounds /d/, /t/ and /əd/ (as in tested).
  • Page 6 contains the answers to Page 5’s rules.
  • You can duplex print Pages 5 and 6 (double-sided).  This provides you with a direct reference to the rule while you’re holding the other side up for your child.

Note: before printing the cards, ensure that you have Scaling turned off in your printer settings. The final printout should be large enough for laminating with A6 pouches.

DISCLAIMER: I take no credit for the font (KG Primary Penmanship 2) and images used. These belong to their respective authors. If you are the author of a particular image and would like to have it removed, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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